What is Revitalizantion?

Stopping wheels on the road implies hindering your exciting tour. Have you ever wondered what treatment does your car need to keep vehicle’s troubles at bay?

Problems can be noise, overconsumption of fuel or oil, reduced power, and compression level. Well, the solution to all of these is one and only- Revitalizant.

It acts as a preventive agent, shielding your car parts from major hassles. Applying it on your vehicle rebuilds worn metal in engine parts, diminishes friction, and strengthens the engine’s life, avoiding expensive repairs in the future.


Extreme Action - EX120

Containing a 20% concentration of the active agent, Ex 120 or Extreme Action Revitalizant is efficient than rebuilding, repairing, and guarding worn metal surfaces. Get the best results with an Atomic metal conditioner, boosting the lubricating properties of hydraulic fluid and tribological features of couplings, further increasing service life engine and other hydraulic equipment parts- power steering, gearbox, and more!


Atomic metal conditioner

This powerful liquid combination of Revitalization, containing a sliding agent, a metal conditioner.

This combination will help you to accomplish two tasks and give your Engine a new life.

  • Enhancement of lubricating properties of hydraulic fluid and fluid and tribological characteristics of couplings.
  • Repair, restoration, anti-wear protection, and increased service life of Engine and other hydraulic equipment parts(Gearbox, Power Steering, Direct Shift, transfer cases and axles)

Benefits Of


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