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XADO Chemical Group is an international group of chemical companies. Initially the ХАDO company was organised in 1991. During 20 years the Company has grown up and become one of the most powerful enterprises in nanotechnology in Europe. XADO headquarters are located in Kharkov, Ukraine, which used to be the key location of defence industry in the former USSR and still is the largest research and development centre in the field of science intensive technologies. In 1998 the result of intensive researches by XADO scientists became a real breakthrough – the discovery of Revitalization Phenomenon

Revitalizant has no analogs in the world. In 1999 XADO began mass production of Revitalizants and other unique Revitalizant containing products.

Today, XADO is a modern and dynamic chemical company having its own certified research centre, educational and technical resource centre, full production capacities, trade departments and car service centres. Our goal is to gain a foothold in the market for the quality of our products. Every expert familiar with the topic knows that no oil manufacturer can afford to produce a low-quality product, because he is aware that he would not obtain the necessary permits and approvals under the scrutiny of automobiles during their test tests. The products of the XADO CHEMICAL GROUP can be rightly considered to be top-notch due to the excellent development, which is a priority for the XADO company. XADO development experts have come up with a technology where products (oils, lubricants) not only perform the function of lubrication in components (motors, gearboxes, belts, bearings, etc.), but also have the task of repairing damage caused by equipment overload, inconsistent maintenance and normal wear and tear.

Auto Enhance Distributors is officially appointed as a importer and distributor of Xado in South Africa and neighbouring countries (Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe) of Xado Products. Our admin offices is located in Pretoria North and our warehouse/Distribution centre / Counter sales in Silverton Pretoria.

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