Here we have put together the most frequently asked questions about our products.

The Revitalizant is the main component of XADO wear protection additives and it builds up worn metal surfaces by formation of metal-ceramic layer. This works by chemical reacion between the metal atoms of the engine parts and the atoms of revitalizant. The result is the formation of completely new (metal-ceramic) surface. The conditions therefor are the specific pressure and the specific temperature. The build-up process is self-regulating and stops automaticly as soon as the pressure and the temperature aren’t correct anymore. In short, if two parts that are rubbing against one another become too close, the requirements for a chemical process are not correct anymore and the reaction stops.

Due to the fact that it is a metal-ceramic surface (not a pure metal surface), that is harder and smoother as well, it holds about 100.000 km. The new usage thus is only after about 100.000 km.
The fear is unjustified, our additives are so chemically combined, that there can be no unwanted or harmful side effects. As a manufacurer, we are also liable and fully in accordance with German law.
The automakers do not trust mostly customers to handle additives responsibly. The situation is similar with strong vehicles, which max. speed is locked by 250 km/h at the factory, although they could drive much faster.
The XADO additives are regularly and extensively tested under high loads on the latest turbo-engines and compressor-engines and are also applicable in all another combustion engines. There wasn’t ever any damage or any other accidents.
Te Revitalizant forms a completely new layer over the honing and makes is useless because of that. Honing is used to keep the Oil in the grooves as long as possible so that the surface of cylinder wall wears out slowly. But as the Revitalizant reconstructs the surfaces permanently, it does not ever wear, even without honing. In addition, the metal-ceramic surface is considerably harder and also considerably smoother, which also leads to a distinctly slower wear of this surface.
No, the Revitalizant particles dissolve instantly in warm engine oil and can easily pass through all oil filters. The Revitalizant uses oil as a transport to get to the places where the right pressure and tempreture prevails.
No, because, as already mentioned, the Revitalizant uses oil only as a transport. It can thus be safely filled with an “old” oil. The only thins that matters is that it must be at least 2000 km remaining in the oil circuit.
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